Monday, August 8, 2011

Shiver- Maggie Stiefvater

This book is about how girls love wolves.
It's true.  We do.
I have photographic evidence (Look further down, it's really good!)
It's also a book about how girls love boys (I don't think I need photographic evidence for THAT one).
So, Shiver is a book for girls.  Or maybe guys who want to understand girls.  Or gay guys.  Maybe.  I know my husband wouldn't like it though.

Girls who like Twilight would probably like this book.
When I started reading this book, I was wary, because a friend of mine whose opinion I respect hated it.  But we're not the same person, so I read it anyway.  Plus I got to meet the author.
It took me a while to get into this book.  I didn't quite get why Grace was in love with Sam, and even less why he loved her.  She was a put-together person who could clearly take care of herself (unlike many heroines) but she wasn't fascinating. So the first part of the book was her and Sam being all, 'oh I like you but I'm going to sit silently next to you and wish you could be human forever (see, Sam turns into a wolf when he gets cold, and they live near Canada).'  But then there's more action because this one guy who is basically a total jerk gets bitten by a wolf and he keeps running off and doing jerky things like eating his sister's dog.  And he wants to be cured, and he thinks Grace knows the cure.  So we get less 'look I'm silently liking you' and more 'OH CRAP PEOPLE IS GONNA DIE.' And so Grace teams up with jerky wolf boy's obnoxious sister even though they dislike each other.  And of course there's the other wolves getting involved, and there's all this hopelessness because eventually, you stop turning into a human when you're part wolf (thus the agony of Grace and Sam).
The ending made me go, 'huh.'  But that 'huh' was enough to get me to pick up my copy of Linger.
I was talking to a middle school librarian, and she told me she wasn't sure she could put Maggie Stiefvater's books in the school library because they 'might' be a little risque. This, of course, was another factor which made me decide to read Shiver.  Personally, I don't think it's very risque.  But there is hope that the next two in the series will have more of that. . ..


  1. Aw, you respect my opinion! That's made me happy.

  2. So another nice books review from you (or should I say books)! I shall have to read this series since it seems you adore it so much and you are responsible for a couple other series that I have read. I love you for that, but I need to write more and read less! Anyway, nice review and you totally didn't give anything away but still made it out to be something worth looking into. The pics at the bottom are pretty so I have to agree with you on how eye catching the covers are.

  3. Maggie Stiefvater draws you in the a no-nonsense quick start and sinks her claws in. There is no getting out of this story, even after the last page.
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