Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Demonglass- Rachel Hawkins

Huzzah!  It's time to visit Hex Hall again!
Oh, except in this book, Sophie is on summer vacation in England. That's where her estranged father is, and he's trying to convince her to embrace her powers rather than shun them.
So she gets a lot of quality time with her father.  And of course she brings her vampire friend Jenna along, because what fun is a magical manor in England without your best friend?
Sophie and Dad get along pretty well for a parent and teenage child who've never met.  Sophie, with all her snarky smart ass ways, is still funny and doesn't really harbor any ill will towards her father.  She's pretty resilient, after all. And he is doing quite a lot for her in this book.
This gigantic manor, which for some reason Americans think are all over the damn place in England (they're not; most people live in tiny houses) also houses a few other magical types.
There's two demons, Nick and Daisy, an 'important' person--Lara, Sophie's betrothed who was also invited to stay, and various others.
Of course, Sophie is quite shocked to find she's betrothed to Cal, the groundskeeper at Hex Hall, as any modern young woman would be.  Not that there's anything wrong with him--it's just not exactly what she was expecting.
So everyone is in this fabulous setting where they're supposed to be learning and developing and having a jolly good summer, but of course, a bunch of crap happens.
Sorry to dampen the holiday, but those people from The Eye who like to kill magic types are quite busy doing the things they enjoy.  And we see someone who we weren't expecting to see again.  And there are also lots of things going on that don't make sense, and we can't always be sure who to trust and who to loathe.  So we don't put down the book until it's completely read like any normal person would do.
I was most definitely NOT disappointed in this sequel.  If you like Hex Hall, you'll probably like Demonglass, too. Unfortunately, however, the third book won't be out until March.
I know.
Total suck.
But you can preorder it!

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