Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Niederwald- Rachel Vincent

You know how I really like Soul Screamers and recommend it to everyone?  Well, there is this book called ENTHRALLED which has short stories quite a few authors wrote, and guess what?  ONE OF THEM IS A SOUL SCREAMERS STORY.
In this one, we get to see Sabine again. Or, well, we do see Sabine again, and see what she's thinking, but I still don't like her.  I don't think there is anything she can do to redeem herself in my eyes because I really hate her.  She's so mean to everyone except Nash.
Anyway, Sabine is hanging out with Kaylee's friend Emma and they end up driving to Niederwald, Texas, to visit a harpy oracle.  Emma didn't want to go, but you know how Sabine is (ie, we HATE her).  Sabine is all upset about Nash being with Kaylee, as usual, so she wants to find out if they will ever be together again. Sabine is a crap heroine, I think; all she really cares about is getting her man and when she doesn't get her way she's just a bitch.  It's like she can't think of ANYTHING ELSE to occupy herself with.  I mean, she has her special power which kind of makes her unpleasant by nature (feeding off people's nightmares= making everyone have nightmares = bitch), but all she cares about is having sex with Nash.  This is why we like Kaylee better.  She actually has a personality and interests outside of her boyfriend, and her boyfriend is NOT the most important thing in her life because she is NOT an annoying bitch (screaming to keep people from dying = trying to keep decent people alive= not bitch).
So here is Sabine, and these harpies, and they kind of want to eat Emma, and Sabine is really much more into NashNashNashNashNashNashNash than keeping decent people alive, but she doesn't really want to kill anyone who isn't Kaylee.  Therein lies the action sequence.
To me, Sabine is like an evil Bella Swan.  She's completely obsessed with this one guy and everything she does revolves around him.  But instead of being all 'boohoo, my boyfriend left me' she goes off on a mad hunt to reclaim him and along the way steps on as many people as possible.

Despite the fact that I hate Sabine, I still enjoyed reading the story.  I love how the characters develop and all the little things about the Netherworld that show up.  Vincent has crafted the Netherworld so well; she takes it slow so you can really absorb all the details and there's always something new showing up.  I also like that it's not just a dumb girl in love with one guy for all eternity and how people WILL date more than one person (except Sabine, of course).  I think Sabine is really one of those who the reader enjoys hating.

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