Friday, September 30, 2011

Passion- Lauren Kate

Yeah, I know, it came out in JUNE and I'm just now reading it.  #bookbloggerfail

And my Amazon thing still isn't working because of this new interface, but you know what?  I'm still going to review the book!

As the third in the Fallen series, this one was definitely different. Fallen started out with poor Luce stuck in a reform school which happened to be inhabited by quite a few angels, including the Amazing Sexy OMG LOVE! Daniel.  These would be Luce's opinions on Daniel, not mine.  I think I'm more into the demonic ones . .
And in Torment, she is lucky enough to go to a school in CALIFORNIA (I seriously love California, see) with a bunch of Nephilim kids.  Nephilim kids, you see, are part human part angel.  Because apparently angels and humans have similar enough DNA that they can produce fertile offspring.  #thingsididnotknow

But in Passion, she's . . . not in school. She is EVERYWHERE.
Since Luce is feeling unsure of her neverending doomed relationship with Daniel, yet Daniel, being immortal, kinda has oh, ALL the facts on their past fancies and frolics because he never had to burst into flames and die at 17, Luce decides to visit her past lives!

Doesn't that sound like the most fun EVER?  I would totally love to do that!  Star-crossed relationship or no, that is a damn cool holiday.

Of course, she has NO IDEA where she's going or when.  She just . .  goes.

Ending up in war zones isn't too fun, but fortunately, Luce manages to visit all kinds of past lives.  She even discovers that in one past life, she hates herself.  Or her past self.  Her past self is really nasty and bitchy in one life.

So sometimes, she's the princess, or the quality rich girl, and Daniel is the poor schmuck.  And in some, Daniel is the Person of Quality and she's the servant.  Some of them, they're pretty much equal ( I mean, come on, Soviet Russia?  Being equal is kind of the 'thing' there, despite the outcome).  There's one really fun one in which she's a Mayan Sacrifice so that they can have rain (because cutting off people's heads brings rain, you know). 

Her name is not always Lucinda.  She may be Luschka, Lucia, Ix Cuat, Lys, or Layla.  You never know.

Along the way, she picks up a guide who is a gargoyle or something and he teaches her things.  Even though he's gross.  And manipulative. And. . . oh must not spoil.

Daniel is trying desperately to track her down, but isn't really doing that great  a job.  You'd think this immortal angel from the dawn of time or before would be better at this.  But he's not.  Oh well.

My favorite part of this book is the setting(s).  I love time travel, and visiting yourself and your lover throughout time, well, that beats going into the future and dealing with Morlocks.

What I didn't like as much, and I should really expect from this type of book anyway, is the religious aspect.  I mean, he's a FALLEN ANGEL, so OBVIOUSLY there is the whole Judeo-Christian theology in there.

But the description of Heaven seemed so bland, and the Lucifer and The Other One (I'm thinking that one's also called GOD, but they never say it . .) are also very meh.  Lucifer is a jerk, and The Other One is a pretentious wanker who likes to boss people around (this is why I'm not into Christianity; He always comes off as an asshole in all the biblical thingies I've read or heard [no offense to anyone into that sort of thing]).

However, there is this message about how serving love is better than serving a deity.  Daniel doesn't want to choose a side because the most important thing to him is Luce; not eternal damnation, not faith, not anything like that.  He believes that love is the most important thing ever, and I guess when it comes to hot angel boyfriends, that's a pretty good one to get.

Now, the fourth and final book in this series is going to be called Rapture, and based on the ending of Passion . . .  I don't know about that one.  I'm not really on the edge of my seat for that.  If it had ended with Passion, I would have been okay with that.  But I suppose I shall have to wait and see.  And of course, if it's another freaking gorgeous cover, I'll have to buy it just for that.

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