Monday, October 10, 2011

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight- Jennifer E Smith

This book felt real to me. Probably because so much of it took place on an overnight flight to London Heathrow, and the main character, Hadley, had to figure out how to get around London without ever having been there before. I did find it odd that no one seemed to want to help her; when I was living in London and would wander around by myself, all kinds of people would try to help me. Mind you, it's a damn big city, so they weren't always able to do so.
I give it extra points for the title, too. Since I secretly love statistics, anything statistical that seems illogical (like love) makes me laugh. Yes, I laugh at statistics jokes. I laugh at physics jokes too, but don't tell anyone.
Hadley was a believable character; she was still angry with her father for leaving her and her mother and going off to Oxford, and thus did not want to go to their wedding in London. Knowing what a pain in the ass weddings can be, and how it would be bizarre to see your dad marry someone you don't know, I would likely feel the same way.
The love interest, Oliver, was a charming sort; I think I found him this way because he made psychology and statistics jokes. Yes, he would carry Hadley's suitcase too, but that alone does not a charming man make; my jerk British ex would do that, and I still hate him (but I am still friends with the non-jerk British ex).
This was a light read, nothing earth-shattering, but enjoyable nonetheless.

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