Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things About Love- Jackson Pearce

Hey!  Did you know that this anthology has other good authors' work BESIDES Rachel Vincent's?

Well, it does.  In fact, it has one story by Jackson Pearce, local superstar.

I was pretty excited about this story.  See, it's set in the As You Wish world.  I LOVED As You Wish.  In fact, I'm holding a contest which will have TWO winners who will both receive a SIGNED copy of As You Wish!  Just check over to the side for the link.  You won't regret it.

Instead of the story of Viola and her jinn, erm, Jinn, we have the story of her gay ex boyfriend Lawrence.  Lawrence is in college, and jinn have been keeping tabs on him for years just to make sure he doesn't go off and reveal jinn secrets.

This story is told in a way similar to Viola and Jinn's.  The sections alternate between Lawrence and Juliet, a jinn historian. Juliet isn't really keeping tabs on Lawrence.  Instead, she's using him for reasearch.

Juliet's mission is to understand love.  That's why she named herself Juliet; she'd heard that Romeo and Juliet was a love story.  Jinn do not typically love.  They live in Caliban and sometimes feel lust, but not love, at least until Viola and Jinn did.  So Juliet is in the real world, hanging out with Lawrence, trying to understand it.

This story, though short, was pretty satisfying.  For one thing, I was terribly excited to get back to the world of Caliban.  Though I would have liked to see Viola and Jinn, it was nice to see things from other perspectives.  Juliet's blatant lack of social skills was quite amusing.  She would ask questions of Lawrence that made very little sense to most humans, trying to figure out the differences between love, lust, and friendship.  He ended up taking her along to social functions and both of them got their feelings twisted up by various potential lovers.

The ending was open-ended, but it felt right for the story.  Love, you see, is very hard to define.

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