Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer- Michelle Hodkin

I decided to read this book because Beth Revis liked it. And I think Beth Revis is Super Awesome.
Plus, this book has an awesomely cool cover and a cool name and was purported to be creepy.
I like creepy.  Creepy is fun.
So, Mara Dyer.  She survives this building collapsing on her and her friends and doesn't remember any of it. Her friends are dead, but she's alive.
After this traumatizing experience, her family moves to Miami and she's put in some snotty private school (apparently the building collapsing was just not traumatizing enough and they had to make it worse).  She's feeling rather out of place and keeps having hallucinations, such as seeing her dead friends in the mirror.
Meanwhile, there's a Hot Guy at school who seems to think Mara is the Greatest Chick Ever, but of she is suspicious of him.
As Mara's relationship develops, she also starts imagining horrible things happening to people . . . and then they happen.  She can't decide if she's crazy or if she's demonic.
Most of the book is about Mara and Noah (the Hot Guy) and also Mara's visions.  More creepy things have been happening, and despite the fact that she managed to save the life of a pit bull (+100 points from me), she's getting rather worried.
Personally, I was hoping for some more creepiness, but after the ending . . . well, everyone's all about the twist at the end, so I'm definitely going to be reading the sequel.  There is WAY too much that we don't know yet.  Way too much.

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