Monday, November 21, 2011

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick- Joe Schreiber

I think it's just one of those things American teenagers do- they get these ideas in their heads that they'll fall in love with some gorgeous European and either a) live happily ever after, or b) have a raucous good naughty fun time that will make their friends jealous.

Perry was hoping for the latter.  Gobija was supposed to be some extremely sexy and experienced Eastern European Goddess who was coming to stay with his family outside New York City.
But she was more like a kerchief wearing mashed potato faced frump.
Not what he was hoping for.
And to top off the year of living with the disappointing foreign exchange student, he's forced to take her to the Prom instead of going to play a huge gig his band had in the city.
Enter the Transformation.

After Gobi's very blah prom attendance, she and Perry end up driving Dad's Jag to the city, and Gobi transforms into this vampish wonder of death.  Turns out, the exchange student thing was a cover for her being an ASSASSIN.  And a sexy one too.  Only, she sort of makes Perry drive her to to all her hits, and he gets in major trouble, and oh the blood and guts are everywhere!  But the whole thing is so ridiculous, the 'OMG, it's like he's puking blood!' is really more amusing than disgusting.

This is seriously quick read, and definitely enjoyable, but of course it isn't exactly the sort of thing with lingering  impact.  More like junk food reading, but not really bad.  It's like an action film you all go to see, but by the time it's out on blu-ray, everyone forgot about it.

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