Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost in Time- Melissa De La Cruz

I swear, the Blue Bloods series books are all different.  And now things are getting heavy.
Forget being in school and modeling, now these vampires are battling trolls and demons and visiting Hell.

So Schuyler ran off with Jack, and they're trying to find an elusive Catherine, and Oliver had nothing better to do than go to Hell with Mimi (WTF, mate?) to track down her lost Silver Blood lover Kingsley.  Mimi is her usual self-absorbed bitchy self, only now she's all, 'wahhh Kingsley Martin isn't obsessed with me and I have to go to Hell to get him and then LATER I'll kill Jack,' and so she does her normal activities there, such as obsessing over how attractive she is and taking things out on poor Oliver.

I met Melissa de la Cruz in October (again!) and she asked me if I were a 'Jack' or an 'Oliver.' I of course said 'Oliver,' and both Melissa and Margaret Stohl were like, 'But NO ONE is an Oliver!'

So besides the fact that I'm unique and I root for the underdog, I loved this book.  Not because of the torture Oliver goes through, but because of . . . well, everything.  It was rather an exciting book.  I mean, kidnappings, demon wives, train rides through purgatory, love triangles . . .

Also in this book, we get to learn more about Allegra and why she left her bond-mate Charles for someone else.  While not as exciting as what was happening in the present, Allegra's story was illuminating but still left questions unanswered.

I doubt this book will disappoint any Blue Bloods fans, and if it does, then obviously, they're not interested in it for the right reasons.  Or so I think.

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