Monday, February 27, 2012

Crossed- Ally Condie

I did not like this book as the first one, Matched.  Matched had this certain quality that eluded Crossed.  In Matched, Cassia has to think about who she loves based on who shows up as her perfect match, chosen by society.  It was not a fast paced book, but it was incredibly readable as you try to piece together what is happening and watch Cassia develop as a character.

In Crossed, Cassia runs off to find one match, abandoning the other.  She still doesn't know how Ky (Match #2, who she is chasing) showed up on her screen when it was supposed to be her good friend Xander (Match #1).  But she doesn't think about it.  She doesn't much want to think about anything except Ky, and then she gets caught up in the idea of The Rising, which is what the rebels of Society call themselves.  She thinks Ky is also set off to join The Rising, though what exactly The Rising does is kind of unknown. 

At first, I could not figure out why Xander was a-okay with HIS match running off with someone else.  You only get one, so that would leave him alone for the rest of his life because Cassia had abandoned him.  And most teenage boys would not stand for that.  Towards the end of the book, you do find out more about Xander which helps to make sense of some things.

There was a lot of vagueness about this book.  There are apparently three forces in their world-- The Society, The Enemy, and The Rising.  Nobody seems to be particularly interested in The Enemy.  It's never really touched upon who The Enemy is.  The Rising is important because they are against The Society, yet The Enemy is also against The Society, but NO ONE cares.

One big issue explored in this book is about the right to choose your life.  Supposedly, with The Society, they choose everything for you.  But that's not exactly true, because everyone is making choices all the time.  Cassia was supposed to be good at 'sorting,' but all sorting is is thinking about things and making decisions about them.  Meaning you're CHOOSING things.  The characters in Crossed are constantly choosing to lie, to keep secrets, to tell certain people certain things, choosing which way to go, who they want to be with, and so on.

I honestly liked Cassia more in Matched.  It seems that she got stupider in Crossed.  In Matched, she was trying to uncover the truth and learn about herself and others.  In Crossed, she simply obsesses over certain things and forgets the rest.

The end of the book did leave a lot of room open for the third book.  So I'm hoping that the third in the series gets better, because the second was a bit of a let down.

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