Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Million Suns- Beth Revis

This was a really good book.
Like, really good.
I didn't know what would happen and there were surprises ALL THE TIME. I never knew WHAT was going to happen.
As a sequel to Across the Universe, A Million Suns held up the spectacular story and then some. Amy is still the 'freak,' and with the other passengers off the Phydus drug which kept them docile, things aren't going too smoothly during Elder's rule.
There's a mystery woven throughout the book, and part of the mystery is what the mystery is, which is so convoluted and awesome you can't help but love it.  Amy has to follow some clues left by the traitorous Orion, but someone has tampered with them.
I really liked how twisty this book was- what you hear at the beginning is completely the opposite of what the truth turns out to be.  Since Godspeed is a spaceship fueled by lies, this is only fitting. 
Lately I really like space, so this was an excellent read for me.  Revis' series is going well and has not let me down.  I read the first chapter of book one way before it came out, and since then, I've been addicted.  This series is fabulous and I can't wait for the third book, Shades of Earth.

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