Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spellbound- Cara Lynn Schultz

This book was a fun read, and even though there were plenty of story elements that have been in countless other teen books, Spellbound was still an enjoyable interesting read.  Sure, Emma, the main character is the new girl at a fancy school, and sure, she attracts the attention of the Hot Rich Guy, which we have seen over and over, and sure, they have a history through their reincarnated souls, which also pops up a lot lately, and sure, it looks like things will end badly for their romance, but I still liked it.  I liked that Emma wasn't a wuss and tried to do things herself and protect the people she loved, even if it put her in danger (Like Kaylee Cavanaugh, of Soul Screamers!). 
I found it amusing that the Hot Rich Guy, Brendan, has messy black hair and green eyes, because I wanted to shout, 'Oh hey!  You're dating HARRY POTTER!'
A lot of times with books I find that some legend the main character reads is quite dull, but I thoroughly enjoyed what little we read from the medieval book her witch friend gave her. 
To put it simply, even though books like this have been written before, this one was still quite good.

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