Monday, March 12, 2012

Fever- Lauren DeStefano

As a sequel to DeStefano's awesome debut Wither, I think she did quite well with Fever.  With Wither, Rhine was in a pretty prison living with her sister wives, her husband Linden, and the sinister Housemaster Vaughn, along with spades of servants.  While in some ways this life was preferable to the life she was living in Manhattan with her twin brother (luxurious rooms, pampering, nice food, and so on), Rhine did not like being a prisoner, no matter how lovely the prison was.  In Fever, Rhine and her friend Gabriel escaped the mansion only to come across hardship and misery of a different sort. First, they end up in a weird carnival of prostitution. Rhine is desperate to get back to Manhattan, but she knows Housemaster Vaughn wants her back for some sinister purpose.  Rhine and Gabriel meet many different people along their way up the east coast and come across many obstacles.
Since this book is set in a dystopian future, it's kind of hard for the characters to end up happy no matter what they do.  So when Rhine misses things from her life at the Florida mansion, it is understandable, but still she wants to find her brother.  I've seen other reviews in which people wonder why she left if she misses things about it, but it wasn't those things she was running from.  She was running from Vaughn, because she suspected him of grotesque machinations in the basement.  She was running from the fact that she couldn't leave freely. But mostly she was running because she missed her brother and knew he would be looking for her.  It's natural that she would feel these things in this horrible world she's living in and it's understandable that no matter where she is, there's always something she'll miss somewhere else.
What I liked about this book is that nothing was really as it seemed and was not how you expected it to be.

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