Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Hunt Killers- Barry Lyga

I have had mixed feelings about Barry Lyga's work in the past, but this new series is TOTALLY AWESOME.  I LOVED THE CRAP OUT OF THIS BOOK.

Seriously.  Now, serial killer fiction can be pretty interesting.  I do like to watch Dexter when my mental illness is not acting up, but this book was cooler than Dexter.

I mean, this kid has had to deal with a horrible childhood in which his dad, the world's most notorious serial killer, killed and tortured in front of him, all the while giving him tips on how to how to cut people, skin them, and other items on the serial killer's official curriculum.

Jazz, as the kid is known, is the son of Billy Dent, who is currently spending a few life sentences in prison due to his ridiculous number of killings, and is in quite a psychological quandary.  For one thing, he knows how to be a serial killer and he knows how they think and has made some friends at the police station.  He also is tormented by the thought that he'll end up like his father.  While this sort of extreme scenario is not a common one among young adults, the writing was excellent and completely believable.  I know Lyga did a lot of research for this book, and it shows.  It's pretty much flawless.

The focus of the book is that there are some more murders showing up in their town, and Jazz, with his intimate knowledge of the serial killer mind, knows immediately that it's a serial killer.  He has trouble convincing the police because they really don't want to have to go through that ordeal again, but he cannot figure out WHO it is.

The other characters in the book were great; his best friend is a hemophiliac and he has a strong girlfriend who helps keep him grounded.  He takes it upon himself to try to figure out the truth and of course those two end up involved as well.

Overall it was a fantastic read and I am so glad it's going to be a series.


  1. PS- While I did enjoy this book very much, I would not recommend it to readers under the age of 16. I have no doubt that there are children younger than 16 that could handle some of the content, but 16+ is just my person opinion/recommendation.

  2. I can see that, but I don't like to make generalizations. The local library does keep it in the adult section though.