Saturday, July 14, 2012

Before I Wake- Rachel Vincent

Okay, warning:  this review will contain spoilers.

However, this book is AWESOME.

When we left Kaylee Cavanaugh at the end of If I Die, she was, well dead.  But reanimated so that she could perform a special function- reclaiming stolen souls.  And she and Nash were pretty much over.  HI TOD!

I love Tod.  Tod is so much cooler than Nash, because he's dead, he's self-sacrificing, and he thinks Kaylee is about the greatest person ever.  Which she probably is.

Now, Nash is still all pissy about having been dumped and temporarily framed for Kaylee's murder.  Though I'd think he'd get over her considering that she's DEAD and so is TOD (which actually means 'death' in German) meaning they kind of make more sense.  Plus he's got Sabine the hot slut going crazy over him.

Now, before, I have significantly disliked Sabine.  She just gets so "Nash Nash Nash Nash HA YOU'RE A VIRGIN KAYLEE Nash Nash Nash.'  And that gets BORING.  But now she found a new hobby- insulting Sophie, Kaylee's annoying bitchy cousin.  And that's just funny.

So what is this dead banshee with a Harry Potter complex up to now?  Well, there's the whole soul stealing thing going on, and of course those damn hellions keep showing up to muck about in her business, and there's a whole lot of confusion as to "Is this person real or is actually AVARI?! I DON'T KNOW!  FUCK!"

And of course, with her Harry Potter complex (personally I think a Harry Potter complex should become a legitimate psychological term for her condition [you know, must save and protect EVERYONE]), she's worried sick about her friends and family.  I'd say worried to death, but she's already dead, and though this gives her certain powers, I do think she misses actual life.  Now, she does have the Glorious Reaper Tod as her forever boyfriend now, which is pretty cool, because he was lonely and he's just so delicious you can't help but adore him.

I will warn you that when this book ends, you'll wish you had the next book.  But you can't.  It hasn't come out yet.  So you'll have to deal.  But seriously- I love all these books, even the novellas.  I highly recommend them to anyone who likes paranormal or fantasy or what have you, because THEY ROCK.

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