Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Butterfly Clues- Kate Ellison

This was an original story with a very peculiar main character, but that's really what made it good. The Butterfly Clues' main character, Lo, was sort of an OCD paranoid weirdo and her brother has died, leaving her family sort of out of it. Her mother didn't really leave her room and took lots of antidepressants which clearly didn't do any good.  So Lo starts visiting the part of Cleveland where her brother died- Neverland.
Neverland is called that because it is full of runaways and others who sort of live off the grid.  Lo goes to the street fair regularly and collects various objects which she fills her room with in a very orderly fashion-or, at least, orderly to her.  Soon enough, a dead stripper is found in Neverland, and Lo becomes completely obsessed with the murder.
While trying to uncover the mystery of why someone would kill Sapphire, as she was known, Lo meets lots of interesting people and even comes across some of Sapphire's personal belongings.
Lo even tries to 'audition' at Sapphire's strip club, Tens, in an effort to find out more about her.  Lo, of course, is legally too young to be a stripper as she's in high school.  She of course does not fit in at school, a lot of this due to her obsession with certain numbers and the number of times she has to tap and say banana before opening a door.  There are some people at her school who find her interesting, but she doesn't feel like she belongs with them and instead hangs out with the miscreants and squatters and artists in Neverland playing trash can bowling. 
I liked the Neverlanders and I thought Lo was a great main character.  I also was surprised by what she uncovered in the end.
Also, just to point out- the cover is awesome.

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  1. I highly recommend picking up both of Ellison's books, The Butterfly Clues and Notes From Ghost Town. These young adult reads are deeply thematic and relevant, but without the sappy sympathy. There is a wonderful strength, courage, awkwardness, and just the right amount of teen naivety characterized in her female leads to make them enduring, frustrating , but never pathetic.
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