Sunday, September 2, 2012

Waking Storms- Sarah Porter

As a follow-up to Lost Voice, there were some things I didn't like about this book, but there were also things I did like.  Now, I loved Lost Voices.  I loved the tragedy and the bickering and the mermaid hierarchy and the mythology.  And that is in Waking Storms as well, but there also is a love interest, and I didn't like that part as much.
So Luce has left her tribe of mermaids run by the horrible, selfish, demonic, and stupid Anais- and Catarina is gone as well.  Luce misses certain mermaids from her tribe, but she has also developed a taboo relationship with a human boy who somehow withstood the mermaid song even though everyone else on the boat jumped to their deaths at the sound of it.  And she lies and tells them he's dead even though he isn't.
Luce meets a new mermaid, Nausicaa, who has apparently been around as long as mermaids have and knows pretty much everything.  And of course she tells Luce that no, it is not simple to turn human again and most mermaids fail at it and end up dying tragically.
I liked Nausicaa because she provided so much information and history of the mermaids . . and because she wasn't too judgmental.  But I felt that Luce was a little less likeable in this one because she just had to go all moony over the human boy.
This book was a much slower read than Lost Voices- I'm really hoping it picks up in the third book.

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